Waterproofing Service and Solutions

Procoat Z388 Size : 4L/18L Colour : White/Grey

Sirim Approved Procoat Z388 is based on a newly developed acrylic polymers and itis dramatically reduce solar heat absorption in either air-conditioned or non air-conditioned building.

Procoat Z588 Size: 4L/18L Colour : White/Dark Grey

Sirim Approved Procoat Z588 fiber is a one component, water base, liquid elastic waterproofing coating, based on styreneacrylic copolymers with integral micro-fibre reinforcement. Procoat Z588 Fiber coating system is formulated to provide enhanced tensile strength of the coating product and forms a flexible, tough and durable reinforced protective waterproofing membrane layer. It is suitable for use in hot and tropical climates.